FRFFV1 - Violin case for flying violinist


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2.90 kg

violin case for flying violinistExternal dimensions meets the requirements for cabin baggage for many airlines. For example: these are Ryanair's requirements for cabin baggage - bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.
violin case for flying violinistCheck, whether the length of your violin doesn't exceed 593 mm. Only such violin will fit in to this case.
violin case for flying violinistThe interior of a case is covered with a soft and aesthetic cloth. Internal color you may select from scroll list.
violin case for flying violinistCase is made of plywood. The side walls on the inside are covered with a hard polystyrene foam, which guarantees thermal insulation and “a soft” contact of case sides with violin inside the case. The walls of the upper and lower on the outside are covered with a soft polyurethane foam. Surface covering is made of waterproof cloth. The case is closed by zipper and it is durability and rigid after closing.
violin case for flying violinistStraps attached at the case allows you to carry this on your back like rucksack. Option: Shoulder straps.
violin case for flying violinist
violin case for flying violinistExternal pocked can accommodate note sheet of A4 format and even slightly larger. Option: External pocket for note sheet.
violin case for flying violinistAdditional floppy bag allows you pack violin case and something else... some cloth and other thinks you need during journey. Option: Additional floppy bag.
violin case for flying violinistIf you do not make the floppy bag too fat, dimensions of packed bag will not exceed permissible dimensions shown in the illustration. This baggage will be considered by Ryanair and others airlines as cabin baggage.
violin case for flying violinistThe same straps you may hook up to floppy bag.
bow case for 3 bowsA case for 3 bows (with strap). Option: Additional case for 3 bows.


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Shoulder straps

External pocket for note sheet.

Additional case for 3 bows.

Additional floppy bag.

Internal color.